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Spring League Information

All Week 5 Results are complete and Standings have been updated.  All Winnings for each division will be placed on account for next season. Thank You all for participating in the Leagues this season! We truly appreciate each and everyone of you! Have a great Summer!



  • Open league style allows match to be played anytime during the specified week
  • League will consist of up to 40 two person teams placed by handicap
  • Each week each team will play 9 holes vs. another team, determined by the schedule
  • Cost of $20.00 per player per week (Covers green fees - closest to pin contest and low 9 hole net score
  • Initial entry fee of $100.00 per team will be used for administration and the league prize pool
  • Handicaps will be determined by use of your GHIN Index or System average, indexes will be adjusted every 2 weeks by using the most recent scores posted. To acquire a System Average you must have 3-18 hole rounds played inside at The SandTrap
  • Substitutes will be allowed using their GHIN index or System Average.  If no index is established they are required to play at scratch
  • Scoring will be match play with the 2 lowest handicap players on the team facing each other.  While the higher handicap players play a match.  Each hole consists of 1 point with the winner of the match getting an extra point. MULLIGANS are not allowed during league play.  If the system inaccurately reads a shot for some reason, you must make a staff member aware of the issue
  • Season long standings will be based on this point accumulation
  • The top 2 teams at the end of the 9 week session will make the championships
  • USGA rules govern all play
  • Pace of play effects everyone!
  • It should take approximately 1 hour for the team to play 9 holes. 
  • Any make up play will need to be played ahead of time
  • Any player who does not play ahead of time or get a sub will be scored as a ghost at a net bogie